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Dionne Moustaid.

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Dionne Moustaid.

Post by Dionne Moustaid on Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:16 am

name: Dionne moustaid.

Age: 18 in real aging process has stopped as current.

Powers: alien form that ha reptilian skin solid very very good strength, a ruthless killer capable of killing anything if needed. hunting methods show in RP.

Looks Human:

Species: alien dna combination with human- lab tested mutated human.

Looks Alien:

(all credit for the creator of the image  did not create this image)

Appearance: wrapped in a cloak of reptilian veil- along the streamline constitution of the DNA combination of a lab mix, instinctive of a human animal mix is something never seen on the earth, everlasting beauty and glory in the youth- learning vulnerable yet deadly predatory, swirling beauty desire. of the straight brown coat of hair swept along the strong cranium desire lower posture of well developed breasts- sinful curves- a fully grown new adult the animal is in heat flirtatious and sexually intending to be active unknown procedure of the following future, the voids turn a deep green outcast of a icing coat of pale white giving a minty look, at the center of the pupil a ebony black- casting the structure of a tight cheek bone and well developed femininity she is beautiful. Stirling emotions leads to her instinct too dominant any of her own kind who are female by battle until death- vulgar- merciless- brutal beatings, the transformations occur at times of hungriness. when intended and anger as that was the animals creation as you can see the form is shaped a a human form yet moves with silence- slithering elastic curved waist- curves of the waits- reflection of the light with elegance and beauty the movements seems slow yet ones you are a target you WILL DIE. acting unusual she occasionally hisses at times of threats or danger. but she ha a down too earth attitude only to slap you hard across the face like a bitch if you piss her off. lucky her instinct is patient.  i don't want too give too much away as her secrets and looks are hidden in RP this is all i can give away......Chow for now.
Dionne Moustaid

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Re: Dionne Moustaid.

Post by Rune Drusus on Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:21 am

boom bitch.
Rune Drusus

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