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Secrets [private]

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Secrets [private]

Post by Laelia Cael on Sat Jul 20, 2013 7:59 am


Blood stains the muzzle, dried from the last feast. Thumping the earth the ivory dame would walk through the woods, the trees towering over as if concerned. It was like a veil that dragged across the floor, the tail so admiringly long for any ordinary wolf. Flicking the thick lashes across the heavenly voids Laelia would stop by a river. The tender salmon tounge tracing the crystalin waters to quench the thirst clawing at the back of the throat. The birds would whistle hidden from the outside worlds, possibly from the giant wolf. It was like an eerie glow that circles the fatal Madonna, such radiant beauty cant go unnoticed. The hazel orbs would scatter the relentless amount of nothing, detecting a human near. To kill was on the womans mind. Thirst was the only thing that Laelia could think of. The silken tail would stop to the front two paws, as the wolf sits on the haunches waiting, looking harmless.

-short post as I said-
Laelia Cael

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Re: Secrets [private]

Post by Zinnia Leigh on Sun Jul 21, 2013 1:30 pm

This had to be a world for angelic immortals. it was soo humble, peaceful, a world that can erase such horrific memories that cramped into each and every angel's mind, such as Zinnia who has a habit of that happening every once in a while by Rimmon. he must have been pissed at her the last time he had seen her. but why would it matter anyways? all she could visualize is the exquisite scenery, as the birds communicated with such sweet tunes that admired Zinnia. As She strolled among the ecosystem.... however, something, an fragrant aroma lingered among her senses... She was Stunned. it couldnt have been a predator. as the fragrant scent rippled among the light breeze. Zinnia was in fact really puzzled. what could have smelled so delicate? and was it safe to approach?
Zinnia Leigh

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